Variability and Heritability of Some Metric Traits of Solanum khasianum Clarke

S. Pal and K.K Singh


Genetic variability and heritability were estimated in Solanum khasianurn Clarke. Phenotypic variability ranged between 0.03 for fruits/bunch and yield/ plant, and 787.39 for number of fruits/plant. Genotypic variability was highest (497.07) for number of fruits/plant and lowest (0.01) for fruits/bunch and solasodine content. Genotypic coefficients of variability were high for number of branches/plant, number and yield of fruits/plant, and solasodine yield/plant indicating the potential for advancement by selection. Heritability estimates were high for days to flowering and fruiting, and number and yield of fruits/ plant; medium for number of branches, flowers/bunch, fruits/bunch and solaso-dine yield/plant; and low for days to maturity, height and solasodine content. Genetic advance varied between 0.08 for solasodine content and 36.49 for number of fruits/plant. Genetic advance expressed as percent of mean was highest (36.02%) for solasodine yield/plant and lowest (0.15) for solasodine content. The characters with high heritability estimates did not show high genetic ad-vance indicating non-additive gene effects and therefore low expected genetic gain by selection. In the case of number of branches, number and yield of fruits/ plant, and solasodine yield/plant, high phenotypic coefficient of variability asso-ciated with high genotypic coefficient of variability and high genetic advance in-dicated the possibility of improvement with respect to these characters by mass selections.

Keywords: Solanum khasianum Solasodine. Genotypic variance. Heritabi- lity. Genetic advance. Mass selection.

Annals of Tropical Research 5(3&4):(1983)
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