Pre-Havest Factors Affecting Vascular Streaking and Quality of Cassava Tubers

Marcelo A. Quevedo and Ofelia K. Bautista


Detopping of cassava plants at different degrees before harvest was under-taken to determine its effect on vascular streaking and quality during storage. Detopping the plants at 50-100% and stripping of all the leaves substantially delayed vascular streaking of the tubers during storage at ambient condition. However, it reduced the dry matter and starch contents of the tubers. A positive relationship was observed between severity of rotting and streaking but not be-tween vascular streaking and percentage rotting.

Keywords: Cassava. Detopping. Vascular streaking, Starch. Dry matter. Rotting. Disease severity.

Annals of Tropical Research 5(3&4):(1983)
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