Effects of Mudpress Used as Soil Conditioner and Organic Fertilizer on Mungo Grown on Maasin Clay

Victor B. Asio, Rodolfo G. Escalada and Raquel B. Capuno


Mudpress application increased the pH and nutrient level of the soil. More-over, it favored the growth and development of mungo. The number of days from seeding to flowering and maturity decreased but the leaf area and herbage weight increased with the use of mudpress. The number, length and weight of pods, weight of 100 seeds and grain yield likewise increased in plants applied with mudpress. Results strongly indicate that application of mudpress particularly at the rate of 60 tons/ha is significantly more effective in enhancing growth and development of mungo as well as in increasing its yield than inorganic fertilizer.

Increasing the level of mudpress application decreased the bulk density of the soil. The use of 60 tons/ha of the material resulted in the lowest bulk density value of 1.27 g/cc. The highest value of 1.61 g/cc was obtained from the soil treated with inorganic fertilizer.

Keywords: Mudpress. Maasin clay. Soil conditioner. Organic fertilizer. Bulk density. Mungo.

Annals of Tropical Research 5(3&4):(1983)
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