Cytokinin-Like and Growth-Promoting Activity of Coconut Water as Related to its Effect on Pole Sitao Pod Deterioration

A.L. Acebedo, Jr. and O.K. Bautista


Cytokinin-like activity of coconut water was highest from 12-month old nuts and lowest from 8-month old nuts. Total growth-promoting activity showed a similar trend but was generally greater indicating the possible presence of other contributory compounds.

Coconut water from 10- and 12-month old nuts markedly retarded yellowing and chlorophyll loss in pole sitao pods. However, only the latter significantly improved the visual quality of the pods. All treatments did not affect weight loss- and the textural properties of the pods. A slight stimulation of the respiratory activity was observed in all coconut water-treated pods.

Keywords: Pole sitao (Vigna sesquipedalis Fruw.). Pod deterioration. Coconut water. Stages of nut maturity. Cytokinin-like and growth-promoting activity.

Annals of Tropical Research 8(1):(1986)
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