Water Quality of Mantayupan River in Barili, Cebu, Philippines

Alfredo C. Neri1, Virgie P. Wee1 and Glenn B. Hoyohoy2


The Mantayupan River is among the most important sources of water in Cebu, Philippines. This study was conducted to evaluate the physical, chemical, and microbiological characteristics of this river ecosystem and monitor the uses of its water. Results showed that Mantayupan river’s overall water quality index (WQI) indicated only a “medium or average water quality” at the head water all the way down the river channel during dry season. In the rainy season, the river’s WQI scaled a ”good water quality” at its downstream. Results indicated that bathing or any recreational water contact activity is safe only during the wet season at the head water up to the Mantayupan falls but not after and until the downstreams. However, the denser population of coliforms along the river indicates that Mnatayupan falls situated closer to the head water than the downstream is not suitable for bathing and any recreational water contact activity during both seasons.

Keywords: Water quality, river pollution, water uses, eco-tourism

Annals of Tropical Research 34(2):95-111(2012)
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