Conditions Surrounding Publication Performance of Faculty Members of Two Selected Higher Education Institutions In Eastern Visayas, Philippines

Niño Antonio P. Villalino and Editha G. Cagasan


In the Philippines, only a small percentage of research is published in scientific publications. This study aimed to find out the conditions surrounding publication performance of faculty members in universities in Eastern Visayas. Data were gathered through in-depth interviews from 16 respondents with high publication performance (HPP) and low publication performance (LPP) and through analysis of secondary data. Using the grounded theory approach, a theoretical model was generated. Results showed that the conditions leading to HPP were: (1) favorable research environment characterized by low workload in instruction, availability of funding support and research facilities, access to research mentors, and availability of publication incentives; (2) exposure to research during graduate and undergraduate studies; (3) strong peer influence; (4) positive attitude towards publication of research results; and (5) beliefs in the positive consequences of publishing. On the other hand, the conditions leading to LPP were: (1) unfavorable research environment characterized by high workload for instruction, lack of funding support and research facilities, and lack of access to research mentor; (2) academic background not research-oriented; (3) low level of peer influence; (4) negative attitude towards publishing research results; and (5) availability of other options to disseminate research results. Research findings imply that if given a favorable research environment, faculty members can be productive in research and publishing of research results.

Keywords: Scientific publication, research environment, peer-reviewed publications, HEI

Annals of Tropical Research 34(2):75-94(2012)
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