Tomato fruit parthenocarpy and yield increase in response to chlorophenoxyacetic acid

Rosalina D. Poliquit1 and Misael T. Diputado, Jr.2


An experiment was conducted to evaluate the influence of rate and time of application of chlorophenoxyacetic acid (CPA) on the fruit set, yield and quality of tomato (variety, Improved Pope) The application of CPA enhanced fruit set, reduced the number of days to fruit maturity and consequently increased the yield and yield components of tomato. The optimum concentration of the chemical was 75 pm. It was more effective when applied during anthesis than one week after anthesis.

CPA application regardless of concentration caused the production of pathenocarpic fruits. It did not significantly affect fruit quality in terms of peel color development, firmness, visual quality rating and weight loss.

Keywords: chlorophenoxyacetic acid, fruit set, plant growth regulator, parthenocarpy, tomato

Annals of Tropical Research 29(1):14-25(2007)
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