Forest carbon stock and livelihood opportunities under the CBFM Project in Midwestern Leyte Province, Philippines

Arturo E. Pasa


The study assessed the carbon stocks or storage within the Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) Project in Midwestern Leyte Province. The CBFM project area stored an average carbon density of 333 Mg/ha from aboveground biomass down to the soil complex (0-1m depth). The upperstorey biomass has an average carbon density of 166 Mg/ha while 1.94 Mg/ha for the understorey biomass. In addition, floor litter carbon density ranged from 1.38 Mg/ha to 2.75 Mg/ha, root carbon density from 11.0 to 17.4, and soil carbon density from 111 to 221 Mg/ha.

The huge amount of carbon stored under the CBFM project is a potential livelihood opportunity for the local people. Several organizations are interested in carbon offset projects where huge amount of fund is involved – a situation where both farmers and the environment would be benefited.

Keywords: environmental services, forest carbon, rewards, livelihood opportunities, CBFM Project

Annals of Tropical Research 29(1):26-42(2007)
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