The calculation of water release policy for Balog-balog (Philippines) single multipurpose reservoir system using DDDP analytical technique: 1. Model Development

Alan L. Presbitero


The monthly water release operating policy for a single multi-purpose reservoir system at each stage of development of the service area was defined using Discrete Differential Dynamic Programming (DDDP) optimization analytical technique and simulation model developed in a master program for a mainframe computer type. Irrigation and flood control were the primary and secondary purposes, respectively, of the reservoir system with hydroelectric power generation as the by-product of the system’s operation.

The recorded (historical) monthly streamflow data used in the study was subjected to the following analyses prior to generating a number of sequences of 50-year monthly streamflow data, namely: identification of probability distribution that best described the recorded streamflow data, and the determination of trend and periodicity using the 3- Parameter Log-Normal (3PLN) probability distribution function (pdf) and power spectrum analysis, respectively. The Thomas-Fiering streamflow model was used to generate the sequence of 50-year monthly streamflow data.

Keywords: DDDP. Optimization. Power spectrum analysis. Reservoir system. Simulation model. Streamflow data. Thomas- Fiering model. Water release policy. 3PLN.

Annals of Tropical Research 13 (1-4):(1991)
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