Characteristics and ecological qualities of soils in a degraded upland in Negros Oriental

Victor B. Asio


Degraded uplands are widespread in the country but only limited information is available about this type of ecosystem. In view of this, a study was conducted to evaluate the characteristics and ecological qualities of soils in a degraded upland area in Manjuyod, Negros Oriental. Results indicated that the soils have generally poor characteristics and ecological qualities. This can be attributed to pedologic factors such as poor soil development and steep slopes as well as anthropogenic effects particularly cultivation and inappropriate land use systems. It appears that the degradation of the upland area is closely related to the impaired ecological functions of the soil. On-site and off-site ecological impacts of soil degradation occur primarily due to severe erosion sedimentation.

Keywords: Catena. Degraded upland. Ecological impact. Ecological soil qualities. Soil characteristics.

Annals of Tropical Research 13 (1-4):(1991)
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