Stress Cracking in Maize (Zea mays) Seeds

Alfredo B. Escasinas and Murray J. Hill


Maize hybrid D54 seeds were used to determine the effect of processing on stress cracking and the relationship between stress cracking in artificially dried seeds and loss of seed viability after storage. Considerable stress cracking occurred during the seed drying stage of processing. Some cracks significantly reduced seed germination after storage for 12 months. Cracks in the endosperm alongside or extending into the middle portion of the embryo as shown by x-ray analysis significantly decreased seed germination after storage. However, stress cracking did not reduce germination of seeds prior to storage. Visual cracks not detected by x-ray radiography and cracks outside the embryo did significantly decrease seed germination even after storage.

Keywords: Maize. Zea mays L. Seed cracking. X-ray radiography. Seed processing. Viability

Annals of Tropical Research 10(3&4):(1988)
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