Effects of Method and Duration of Storing Seedpieces on Shoot Emergence and Growth of Abaca

Arsenio D. Ramos and Nestor M. Gloria


Percentage weight loss of abaca seedpieces placed in jute sacks and stored in a well-aerated nipa hut was higher than those covered with fresh banana leaves and stored in shaded field. These methods did not significantly affect percentage emergence, number of functional leaves per plant of 4-month old abaca. Duration of storage prior to planting significantly affected all the aforementioned parameters. Storing seedpieces for not more than 3 weeks by either method still favored vigorous growth of abaca plants. No significant interaction effects existed between methods and duration of storing abaca seepieces on shoot emergence and growth.

Keywords: Abaca. Seedpieces. Method of storage. Duration of storage. Shoot emergence. Growth

Annals of Tropical Research 10(3&4):(1988)
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