Social impacts of coconet enterprise on smallholder coconut farming family: The case of Panaon Island Farmers Federation Inc. in the Philippines

Henry Y. Goltiano2* and Feliciano G. Sinon1


This study looked into the social impacts of the cocotwine-coconet-making enterprise of the Panaon Island Farmers Federation, Inc. The study followed the constructivist research approach. Results showed that the enterprise had positive and negative impacts on PIFFI members, their families, PIFFI as an organization, their communities and their environment. Most impacts were positive, including acquisition of new knowledge and skills, improved economic productivity and income, changed values, built courage and confidence to take investment risk, molded financial discipline, strengthened family bond, reinforced community cohesion and improved the environment, among others. As a farmers’ organization, PIFFI demonstrated interest, capability and willingness to sacrifice to make its livelihood enterprise succeed. Smallholder coconut farmers organizations, like PIFFI, that demonstrate such characteristics deserve government assistance to enable them to optimize positive impacts of the livelihood enterprises that they are engaged in.

Keywords: social impact assessment, constructivist approach, conversational interview, family cohesion, rural out-migration, community cohesion

Annals of Tropical Research 44(2):119-149(2022)
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