Quality evaluation of yoghurt from peanut milk

E.M. Masamayor and R.D. Lauzon


Peanut milk is white with a “nutty” odor. Other physico-chemical properties included a pH of 6.53, viscosity of 10cps, 7% TSS, 1.57% TTA, 5.52% protein, 16.42% fat and 72.4% moisture.

Substituting commercial milk with peanut milk does not significantly alter the sensory qualities of yoghurt. Sensory qualities of peanut yoghurt can be improved with the incorporation of mango flavor. Flavored peanut yoghurt contains 4.42% protein, 10.6% fat and 81.19% moisture. It has a pH of 4.12, viscosity of 200 cps, 18% TTS and 12.21% TTA. Out of 74 consumers, 41.89% liked the developed product from peanut milk.

Keywords: Cow’s milk. Fermentation. Incubation. Peanut milk. Yoghurt.

Annals of Tropical Research 19(1):(1997)
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