Development of sweetpotato-based fermented beverage

Victor B. Asio


The optimum time for fermentation and suitable fermenting container was established for the production of sweetpotato-based fermented beverage. Evaluation of the beverage was done through physicochemical and sensory analyses by trained panelists. The acceptability score in terms of flavor and general acceptability of 8-day fermented beverage was the same as the beverage produced in 12 and 16 days. The beverage that was fermented in glass jars had a fair to good blend of sweet, sour and alcohol taste compared with the beverage0s fermented in clay and plastic jars.

There were comparable amounts of sweetness in flavored and unflavored fermented beverages. In general, the acceptability scores for flavored and unflavored beverages in term of alcohol amount, sourness, sweetness, flavor and general acceptability were the same. The use of either natural fruit or artificial fruit flavoring or both did not cause any significant differences in the quantification of tastes and their corresponding acceptability scores.

Orange-flavored and pineapple-flavored were the most expensive and cheapest fermented beverage, respectively. Unflavored beverage was the cheapest of all the fermented beverages produced.

Keywords: Aspergillus awamori. Aspergillus kawachii. Microbial starter. Physicochemical characteristics. Sensory characteristics. Sweetpotato-based fermented beverage.

Annals of Tropical Research 19(1):(1997)
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