Life History and Behavior of Eggplant Fruit Borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee

Anita M. Maureal, Ma. Flerida A. Carino, Lualhati M. Noriel and Nelson M. Esguerra


The life history and behavior of the eggplant fruit borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee, were studied in the laboratory with pieces of eggplant fruit as food. The insect had five larval instars, with a total developmental period of 23.45 days for the Males and 24.39 days for the females. Fecundity was 210 eggs per female, with an average of 65.18 eggs laid per day in 3-4 days of oviposition. Adult females lived for 9.08 days, while males had a shorter longevity at 7.87 days. The insect was able to complete its life cycle on Irish potato tubers and tomato fruits, but had longer developmental period and shorter adult life span on these hosts than on eggplants.

Keywords: Leucinodes orbonalis. Eggplant fruit borer . Life History. Behavior. Development. Potential hosts.

Annals of Tropical Research 4(3):(1982)
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