Isolation and identification of Acetic Acid and Lactic Acid Bacteria from Tuba and Lambanog Toddy

Jesusito L. Lim and William L. Fernandez


Tuba and lambanog toddy were sampled for identification of acetic acid and lactic acid bacteria using tryptone glucose yeast extract brom-cresol green actidione agar, Beijerinck agar with Andrade’s indicator plus actidione and tomato juice agar plus actidione. Acetic acid bacteria isolated from tuba and lambanog toddy were identified as Gluconobacter oxydans (Acetobacter oxydans), Acetobacter aceti subsp. xylinum (A. xylinum) and A. peroxydans with G. oxydans predominating. A. peroxy – dans was the predominant acetic acid bacterium In tuba and lambanog toddy on the day of purchase and G. oxydans 3 days after purchase. Among the lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus hilgardii, L. fermentum and Leuconostoc mesenteroides were present with L. hilgardii predominating. L. hilgardii was also the predominant species present in tuba and lambanog toddy 6 days after purchase.

Keywords: Tuba. Lambanog toddy. Coconut sap. Alcoholic beverage. Bacterial identification. Acetic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria.

Annals of Tropical Research 4(3):(1982)
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