Influence of Planting Date on Corn Grown in an Aquic Eutropept

Emmanuel M. Cabia and Eduardo Paningbatan


Date of planting significantly influenced growth and development of corn. Corn first planted on the last week of April and those planted 3 and 5 weeks later (May 16 and May 29) exhibited superior growth and ear yields over those planted 7 and 9 weeks later (June 12 and June 27). Relative to the highest total ear yield obtained (3.65 tons/ha), the mean reduction in ear yield of plants in the latter treatments was 60.55% representing a three-fifth decrease in this parameter. This was due to the very wet conditions during the early growth stages which affected crop establishment and consequently, yield performance.

Keywords: Corn. Aquic Eutropept. Date of planting. Growth. Yield.

Annals of Tropical Research 9(2):(1987)
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