Comparative Evaluation of Traditional Methods and Recommended Practice of Planting Sweet Potato

Paz Saladaga-Eronico and Rodolfo G. Escalada


Generally, no significant differences in agronomic characters and yield components of sweet potato were observed using either the traditional methods or the recommended practice of planting. Varying the number of cutting per hill significantly influenced only the fresh vine weight of Kaimay, BNAS-51 and Samar Big Yellow sweet potato varieties. Plants that developed from one cutting per hill produced heavier herbage than the other treatments. Root yield was likewise not markedly affected by the number of cuttings per hill although the varieties, Kaimay obtained the highest value in yield and nearly all yield components.

Keywords: Sweet potato. Traditional methods of planting. Recommended practice. Varietal characteristics. Agronomic characters. Yield components

Annals of Tropical Research 9(2):(1987)
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