Impact of the Training Program of the Philippine Training Centers for Rural Development on Farmer Modernity

Henry Y. Goltiano and Gelia T. Castillo


This study assessed the impact of PTC-RD training on farmer modernity. It specifically determined whether or not there were significant differences in modernity among three comparison groups that represented a continuum of training experience: the never-trained, slightly-trained and highly-trained farmers.

There were 61 respondents whose personel, family and occupational charanteristics did not differ significantly. Twenty respondents had never attended a PTC-RD training, 27 were trained only once, and 14 thrice or more.

An interview schedule was developed to gather data and information from the respondents. Based on the Wilcoxon Rank-Sum test to difference in means, the three groups of respondents significantly differed in active public participation, efficacy, occupational aspirations, planning valuation, technology valuation and time valuation. The highly-trained respondents proved to be the most modern among the three groups.

Keywords: Modernity. Never-trained farmer. Slightly-trained farmer. Highly-trained farmer. Training program.

Annals of Tropical Research 11(1-4):(1989)
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