Growth and Development of Cassava under the Traditional and the Mukibat Systems of Planting

Ofelia P. Ahit, Sergio E. Abit and Manuel B. Posas


Two methods of propagating cassava were compared using 4 levels of fertilizer application. One method was the Mukibat system based on the grafting of Manihot glaziovii with M. esculenta. The other method was the Traditional or the engrafted system using the stalks of the M. esculenta as planting material. Higher rates of NPK application resulted in a significant increase in plant height, leaf area index (LAI), root diameter, root length and root weight of cassava for both methods of planting. However, cassava plants under the Mukibat system had taller stature, larger root diameter and heavier root weight compared to those planted using the traditional system, although the latter had higher LAI.

Keywords: Cassava, Manihot esculenta. Manihot glaziovii. Mukibat and traditional systems of planting. Leaf area index. Root bulking.

Annals of Tropical Research 3 (3):(1981)
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