Factors Limiting Fruit and Seed Set in Taro

Jose R. Pardales, Jr.


The factors which limited fruit and seed development in taro were determined through laboratory and field observations in the flowers of 18 selected cultivars from the taro germplasm in the Philippine Root Crop Research and Training Center in ViSCA, Baybay, Leyte. The limited fruit and seed set in some taro cultivars were attributed to the following factors: (1) failure of the staminate flowers to produce pollen; (2) short receptivity period of the stigmas; (3) relatively low pollen fertility; (4) irregular number of ovules in the ovaries; (5) presence of trinucleate pollen; and (6) short life duration of the flowers. Low seed set in taro may also be influenced by (a) fungal infection causing decay in many flowers, especially after controlled pollination; and (b) presence of insects found to be feeding on the pollen grains during pollen shedding.

Annals of Tropical Research 2 (3):(1980)
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