Effect of Different Methods and Timing of Weed Control on the Yield and Yield Components of Grain Sorghum

Alfredo B. Escasinas and Rodolfo G. Escalade


Differences in grain yield between the different methods of weed control were not statistically significant; however, highly significant differences were observed on the timing of weed control. Results showed that early application of weed control treatments resulted in increased grain and stover yields. Clean culture and application of atrazine 2 weeks after planting and at pre-emergence resulted in increased yields, while late application at 4 and 6 weeks after planting gave lower yields. Similarly, split application of atrazine produced undesirable results. Hand-weeding at 2 weeks and at 2 and 6 weeks after planting produced results comparable to clean culture. Lowest yields were obtained from unweeded plots. Results indicated that chemical weed control was comparable to hand-weeding in increasing yields of sorghum.

Annals of Tropical Research 2 (3):(1980)
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