Evaluation of stability in sweetpotato using different methods

S.K. Naskar and Archana Mukherjee


The stability in sweetpotato (Ipomea batatas L.) was evaluated using the methods of Eberhart and Russel (1966), Shukla (1972.) and Francis and Kannenberg (1978). Eight sweetpotato lines along with a check local cultivar were grown for three years in eight environments across Orissa. India. Variances due to genotypes, environments, and genotype environment interaction were highly significant. Both linear and nonlinear components were also significant. The three stability method differed in identifying stable cultivars. Eberhart and Russel’s S2d and Shukla’s S2parameters were highly correlated (r2=0.78**). Only one genotype (90/606) was found stable under the three methods evaluated. The Francis and Kannenberg technique was most convenient in grouping the cultivars.

Keywords: coefficient of variation. G x E interaction. rank correlation. stability. sweetpotato.

Annals of Tropical Research 23(1):(2001)
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