Estimation of leaf area in two abaca (Musa textiles Nee) varieties by regression methods

Ricardo A. Esplanada Jr. and Romel B. Armecin


A rapid, non-destructive and precise method for leaf area (LA) determination in two varieties (Inosa and Laylay) of abaca (Musa textiles Nee) was developed from linear measurements. Combining both length (L) and width (W) in the model could predict accurately the actual leaf area of abaca. The regression equations that gave the modest mate for leaf area were LA = 1733.01 + 0.58 (L x W) (r = 0.87) for Inosa and, LA = -106.74 + 0.81 (L x W) (r = 0.99) for Laylay variety. Total leaf area can be estimated using leaf number 3 (third leaf below the newly expanded leaf) and leaf number 1 (newly expanded leaf) for lnosa and Laylay varieties. respectively.

Keywords: leaf area. linear measurements. Musa textiles.

Annals of Tropical Research 23(1):(2001)
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