Effects of Land Preparation and Postplanting Tillage on Weed Control and Cassava Yield

Federico G. Villamayor, Jr. and Veronica L. Reoma


Two experiments were conducted to determine the effect of land preparation and postplanting tillage on weed control and cassava yield. The first experiment showed that weed biomass and cassava yield were not affected by the method of land preparation. Postplanting tillage, however, significantly affected weed biomass and root number but not root yield.

The best three postplanting tillage treatments in the first experiment based on costs and returns, were further tested in a second experiment. Tillage involving off-barring 2 weeks after planting (WAP) followed by handweeding within the row 3 WAP and hilling-up 5 and 7 WAP gave the highest yield and net return.

Keywords: Cassava. Land preparation. Postplanting tillage. Wee control. Cassava yield

Annals of Tropical Research 9(4):(1987)
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