Effect of Delayed Processing on Alcohol Yield of Fresh Root Crops

Edgardo E. Tulin and Emma S. Data


Delayed processing significantly affected the starch and total sugar contents of cassava and sweet potato roots. However, these is no apparent trend to show the relationship between delayed processing and starch or sugar content of the roots.

Alcohol production was significantly influenced by late processing in sweet potato but not in cassava. The highest alcohol content was obtained from sweet potato roots processed 2 days after harvest and fermented for 96 hours. In cassava, the amount of alcohol produced did not significantly vary even if the roots processed were fresh or stored up to 5 days under ambient conditions.

Keywords: Delayed processing. Cassava. Sweet potato. Alcohol production. Fermentation. Alcohol yield. Total sugar. Starch

Annals of Tropical Research 9(4):(1987)
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