Cost and Return Analysis of various sweet potato varieties/cultivars

Nerelito P. Pascual and Magdalena S. Laguna


The high yielding varieties/cultivars used in four experimental stations were BNAS-51, Catanduanes 3, Daja, I8-328, I8-498, Kabiti, Kadja, Kinabakab, Lo-323, Tinipay, VSP-1, VSP-2 and VSP-3. Of the 13 entries, VSP-1 (a variety developed by VisCA) yielded 19.7 t/ha. The other VisCA varieties, VSP-2 and VSP-3, yielded 18.6 and 15.3 t/ha, respectively.

Cost-return analysis indicated that VisCa sweet potato (VSP) varieties yielded a return to land and management ranging from P13, 785 to P22, 438 per hectare when grown under experimental field conditions. Under farmers’ field conditions, these varieties yielded a net return ranging from P3, 085 to P7, 927 per hectare only. Compared with other major crops, net returns of VSP varieties grown in farmers’ fields (with no commercial fertilizers) were lower than those obtained from mungo, peanut and lowland rice. However when these varieties were planted in experimental stations (with fertilizer and other inputs), the net returns of the VSP varieties were more than twice of the other crops (rice, mungo and peanut).

Keywords: Cost and return. ViSCA sweet potato (VSPs). Profitability.

Annals of Tropical Research 11(1-4):(1989)
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