Wheat Flour Substitution Using Sweet Potato or Cassava in Some Bread and Snack Items

L. S. Palomar, Jovita A. Perez and Generosa L. Pascual


Cassava and sweet potato flour were processed and used to substitute wheat flour from 20 to 1003/4 level in some yeast breads (pan de sal and hot rolls); quick breads (paborita, cheese crackers and coconut cookies) and snack items (polvoron, gollorias and doughnut). Cassava and sweet potato flour have a coarser texture than wheat flour; however, cassava flour approximates the color of wheat flour. Cassava flour has almost similar chemical properties as wheat flour except for protein and crude fiber; sweet potato flour differed in protein, texture and color. Preference tests showed that products with root crop flour, except doughnut, were preferred by consumers. Based on cost analysis, root crop flour is a good substitute for wheat flour.

Keywords: Cassava. Cassava flour. Sweet potato. Sweet potato flour. Wheat flour. Composite flours. Substitution. Processing. Bakery products. Analysis. Laboratory tests. Taste panel. Costs.

Annals of Tropical Research 3 (1):(1981)
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