Varietal Reaction of Coconut to Oligonychus velascoi Rimand, Using Five Mite-Based Biological Parameters

Merlene B. Capuno and Lorenza B. de Pedro


Five mite-based biological parameters were used to determine the effect of the coconut varieties Baybay Tall, Malayan Orange Dwarf (MOD) and MAWA on the biology of spider mite Oligonychus velascoi Rimando. Parameters like total developmental period, fecundity of females and adult longevity indicated that Baybay Tall was the most suitable host for spider mites. On the other hand. MOD seedlings were unsuitable to the mites. A high mortality of immatures was noted in MOD, suggesting the presence of antibiotic component in its sap. An intermediate suitability of immatures was observed in MAWA hybrid seedlings. The prescribed minimum number of seedlings for assessing varietal reaction of pests differed with the coconut varieties used and the biological parameters considered.

Keywords: Coconut. Varietal reaction. Oligonychus velascoi. Mite.

Annals of Tropical Research 4(4):(1982)
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