Tree Planting Progress at Four Community Forestry Sites In Leyte: Some Observations and Lessons Learned

Eduardo O. Mangaoang1 and Steve Harrison2


This paper critically reviews tree farming and community forestry in four municipalities in Leyte. It examines problems and issues experienced by the local people in communities with respect to forestry, and makes observations about the progress of tree planting in both community and farm forestry. Field visits and discussions with local people, Local Government Unit (LGU) officials and Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) personnel were undertaken in each of the four sites. Some lessons are drawn and problems identified with respect to the development of community and farm forestry. Planting progress has been relatively slow at the four sites, and a number of difficulties have been apparent in relation to physical stand performance and property rights of growers. The importance of organizational assistance, livelihood support and availability of seedlings of suitable species is apparent. Regardless of the difficulties, a high level of enthusiasm exists for forestry projects, and the potential community benefits are considerable.

Keywords: tree farming; community forestry.

Annals of Tropical Research 25(1):(2003)
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