The Socio-Economic Profile and In-Service Training Needs of Rural Development Workers in the Visayas

Antonia Cecilia Y. Sandoval and Saloma M. Binoya


A total of 1,233 staff members of rural development and private agencies in Eastern, Western and Central Visayas served as respondents in determining the socio-demographic profile and in-service training needs of rural development workers in the Visayas. Also, 630 client-respondents from 42 municipalities were interviewed to assess the effectiveness of these workers. Seventy-four percent of the respondents are under 40 years of age, 60 percent are males and 52 percent are graduates of agriculture courses. Majority of them have extension work experience of less than 10 years and receive an average monthly salary of less than P700. Fifty-two percent indicated that their service areas cover 1-5 barangays. A significant number of client-respondents rated the rural development workers in their barangays as very effective (32.7%) and moderately effective (49.2%). The rural development workers indicated a need for in-service training programs on agricultural and technical as well as social skills.

Keywords: Rural development workers. Demographic characteristics. Training needs. Client-respondents. Extension methods. Effectiveness. Visayas.

Annals of Tropical Research 8(2):(1986)
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