Species diversity of moconotyledonous vegetation in Mt.Pangasugan, Leyte, Philippines

Pamela M. Po-Abit and Norma Aguilar


The species diversity of the monocotyledonous vegetation of Mt. Pangasugan (1,158 m ASL) was described. Four sites (sites 1-91 to 300 m ASL site 2-301 to 600 m ASL site 3-601 to 901 m ASL site 4-900 to 1,158 m ASL) were established to take an inventory of the monocotyledonous flora of the western side of the mountain.

A total of 516 monocotyledonous species representing 51 genera, 76 species belonging to 14 families were recorded. Family Palmae comprised the most number of species whereas Hypoxidaccac and Apostaciaceae had the least number. Scleria scrobiculata (Cyperaceae) was observed to be the most abundant species. Results revealed that the species diversity of the monocotelydonous vegetation of Mt. Pangasugan is affected by altitude. Higher species diversity was observed at lower altitudes than at higher altitudes.

Keywords: Monocotyledons, altitude, Mt. Pangasugan, diversity

Annals of Tropical Research 23(2):(2001)
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