Soy Sauce Production Utilizing Root Crop Flour as Substitute for Wheat Flour (100% Substitution)

Emma S. Data, Julie C. Diamante and Edna E. Forio


Soy sauce yield was not affected by the substitution of wheat flour with root crop flour as carbohydrate source for the fermentation micro-organisms. The titratable acidity, pH and NaCl content were not significantly affected by flour substitution while the protein content and amino nitrogen of root crop-based soy sauce were lower than that of sauce produced from wheat flour.

Sensory evaluation showed that when soy sauce was used in preparing beef steak or as dip for broiled fish, root crop-based soy sauce was comparable to one commercial brand based on general acceptability scores. Cooked sweet potato-based soy sauce was comparable to two commercial brands when served as pure soy sauce based on color, aroma, consistency and flavor.

Keywords: Soy sauce. Wheat substitution. Root crop flour. Soybean. Fermentation. Aspergillus oryzae. Aspergillus sojae.

Annals of Tropical Research 8(1):(1986)
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