Some Factors Associated with the Adoption of Recommended Corn Production Practices in Southern Philippines

Myrna M. Avila


A total of 175 corn farmers in the three provinces of Region XI were personally interviewed with the use of an interview schedule. Of the nine recommended corn production practices, the farmers had high adoption rate in six, namely: seed treatment, weed control, thinning, distancing of plants, insect control, and application of fertilizer. Use of high yielding variety, use of machinery and disease control were also adopted by the corn farmers. Most of the farmers adopted five to seven recommended corn production practices. Socio-economic and diffusion variables such as credit, gross income, gross production, quality of road, availability of transportation facilities, use of printed media, contact with corn experts and attendance in informational gatherings were related to the adoption of recommended corn production practices.

Keywords: Corn farmer. Adoption. Recommended practices. Personal variables. Economic variables. Region XI. Southern Philippines.

Annals of Tropical Research 3 (4):(1981)
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