Response of Coconut Seedlings to Spacing and Application of Nitrogen and Potassium

Eufemia A. Almaden and Rebecco M. Santiago


Significant variations in the effects of spacing were observed on the vegetative growth and overall vigor of coconut seedlings in the nursery. Plants grown at a distance of 40 cm and farther (60 and 80 cm) had bigger girth diameter, more split leaves, and greater vigor index value than plants grown at 30 cm apart. Similarly, nitrogen-potassium application exerted a significant influence on the vegetative growth of coconut seedlings. All plants applied with inorganic fertilizer, irrespective of the rate, were taller, had bigger girth diameter, and greater vigor index value than those which did not receive fertilizer. There were no significant interaction effects of nitrogen-potassium application and spacing on all parameters considered.

Annals of Tropical Research 2 (2):(1980)
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