Research Note: Floristic inventory of monocots in Mt. Pangasugan, Baybay, Leyte, Philippines

Pamela M. Po-Abit


Mt. Pangasugan which lies up to an elevation of 1,158 m ASL on the western slope of the Central Cordillera of Leyte is one of the unexplored mountains. Since directory of Philippine flora is still incomplete, a floristic inventory of the country’s remaining forest is imperative. The study was conducted to provide a checklist of existing monocot flora in Mt. Pangasugan.

A total of 76 species belonging to 14 families and 51 genera were recorded. Family Araceae has the most number of genera while Family Palmae has the most number of species.

Keywords: flora, floristic composition, rainforest

Annals of Tropical Research 30(2):56-71(2008)
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