Performance of Different Mungbean Varieties Grown in the Open Field

Juanita B. Moulin and Rodolfo G. Escalada


Sixteen varieties of mungbean grown in ViSCA during the wet season were evaluated for their growth and yield performance In the open field. Their agronomic parameters measured such as seedling emergence, flowering, maturity, plant height, and number of nodules developed per plant differed significantly among varieties.

Most of the varieties showed marked differences in their yield and yield components. The highest dry bean yields were obtained from CES ID-21 (916.4kg/ha) and CES N30 (867.3 kg/ha). Varieties which developed more nodules generally produced higher grains yields than those which developed less nodules. Three mungo varieties (CES 87, EGMY 377-21, and EGMY 161-1) were found to be low grain yielders. However, they produced the heaviest fresh herbage yield which is important for forage as well as for green manure.

Annals of Tropical Research 2 (3):(1980)
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