Mass Media Habits of Rural People in a Philippine Municipality

G.T Sadsad


Two-hundred-fifty rural household members from Lucban, Quezon, Philippines were interviewed to determine their mass media habits, the relationship between selected demographic characteristics and their mass media habits, their attitudes towards the mass media and, on the basis of the findings, draw out guidelines for reaching rural people through the mass media more effectively. Results showed that of the six media, radio was the most availed of. Majority of the respondents owned radio sets and had easy access to movie houses. The respondents spent more time with the broadcast media (radio and TV) than with the printed media (newspapers, comics and magazines). The media were availed of mainly for entertainment. Radio, magazines and newspapers were considered as the most useful sources of information. Radio was the most reliable medium. Among the suggested measures to improve the media were: “lower price,” “lesser advertisements/commercials,” “lesser obscenity in comics and magazines,” “more realistic stories,” “more news (in radio)” and “add more pages/stories.”

Annals of Tropical Research 1(2):(1979)
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