Macroinvertebrate patterns of two Thai Streams

Josefo B. Tuyor


From March to October. 1993. macroinvertebrate drift patterns in the disturbed stream in Ban Nong Hoi (BNH) and the relatively pristine stream in Doi Chang Kian (DCK), Chiang Mai, Thailand were compared.

Results show that day-night changes in drift were mainly controlled by light rather than water temperature. Maximum drift was recorded soon after dusk and night drift was generally higher than the day drift.

Bactidae. Chironomidae, Hydropsychidae and Lepidostomatidac accounted for high drift number at night while Simuliidae was found to be day-active.Monthly invertebrate drift was primarily influenced by benthos density and flow regime of the streams. The highest drift was recorded in March which coincided with the highest population density of the ben thos, and the lowest at the peak of the rainy season when the flow regime of the streams was very high.

Keywords: Macroinvertebrate, drift, strewn, Thailand

Annals of Tropical Research 16(1):(1994)
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