Leyte Farmers’ Perception of and Expectation from the National Coconut Planting/Replanting Program

Belita T. Amihan


Three hundred coconut farmers in 5 municipalities of Leyte, Philippines were interviewed to find out their perceptions of and expectations from the National Coconut Planting/Replanting Program (NCP / RP). The overall perception of the respondents towards the NCP/ RP was low specifically on its implementing policies. Thirty-five percent of the farmers agreed to have their coconut lands replanted and one-half of this number wanted to be among the first recipients of the program. Almost 50% of the farmers anticipated that the program would have a low chance of success in accomplishing its objectives. This low expectation was attributed to (1) inadequate supply of high-yielding coconut varieties; (2) inadequate price support for copra; (3) lack of readiness on the part of coconut farmers to adopt the program; and (4) the high risk associated with the adoption of the high-yielding coconut varieties. Among the respondents’ suggestions to carry out effectively the NCP / RP were: disseminate more information about the program, strengthen the program’s management and technical delivery services, and implement the corresponding price increase for copra when replanting begins.

Keywords: Coconut farmers. Perception. Expectation. National Coconut Planting/Replanting Program.

Annals of Tropical Research 4(1):(1982)
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