Insights from the Farm Forestry Tree Seedling Nursery Sector in Western Java, Indonesia

Agustin Mercado Jr1 , Paul Dargusch2 and Nestor Gregorio3


This paper reports observations of a study tour by the authors of the farm forestry tree seedling nursery in Western Java, Indonesia. Industry stakeholders were found to recognise and value high germplasm and seedling quality for commercial farm forestry success. These quality preferences of stakeholders are supported by the use of a simple tree seedling certification scheme through which certified seedlings receive a premium selling price. Other initiatives, including government extension efforts, tree seed centres and vegetative propagation, provide complementary support for the preference and promotion of high seedling quality in the Western Java from forestry industry.

Keywords: clonal forestry, seedling quality certification, seedling value chain, community-based forest management

Annals of Tropical Research 32(2):35-50(2010)
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