Income and expenditure patterns of vegetable cooperators

Fe J. Dagoy and Luz Sandra E. Racho


Generally, the household income of the respondents was relatively low. The household income came from rice production, salaries and wages which included earnings from live-in sons and daughters, those given by relatives and neighbors which included cash or in kind (poultry, livestock, vegetables, etc). The average monthly income was P2,538.55 with monthly disposable income of P2,025.27.

Average monthly living expenditure was P2,738.40. Expenditures were distributed to non-durable and durable goods, fanning expenses and miscellaneous expenses. Non-durable goods constituted the highest share of the total expenditures.

Low income families allocated a large fraction of it for basic goods while high income families had only lesser fraction of the incomes allocated to basic consumption goods. The major problems of the households in relation to their income and expenditure patterns were insufficiency of income, high cost of basic commodities, and low salary/wage rate.

Keywords: Income, expenditure, budget, disposable income, consumption

Annals of Tropical Research 16(3):(1994)
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