Important cultural and management practices for coconut

Rebecco M. Santiago and Janet T. Peña


This paper discusses some important cultural and management practices for coconut specifically fertilizer application, covercropping, intercropping and pasture and cattle raising under coconut. Fertilizer application improves seedling growth, enhances maturation and increases nut production of coconut. Covercropping is a good cultural practice because it minimizes soil compaction, erosion and other degradation processes that lead to the early marginalization of coconut lands.

Intercropping is not injurious to the coconut provided that the nutritional and cultural requirements of both the main and subsidiary crops are properly observed. Under good management, intercropping in coconut is a profitable venture. Growing of pasture crops and cattle under coconut is another way of maximizing the use of coconut land as well as of augmenting farmers’ income, provided that improved management techniques are also employed.

Keywords: cattle raising . coconut covercropping . fertilizer application . intercropping pasture.

Annals of Tropical Research 20:(1998)
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