Guide to the fresh water fishes in Tubod River, Lake Dnao and Inawasan River in Leyte, Philippines

Wasantha S. Weliange1, Jimmy Pogosa2, Chandima Lankaadikara11, Maria Leichtfried3 and Friedhelm Göltenboth4


Very little research has yet been done on fresh water fishes in the Philippines. The paper presents the description and key for the identification of 21 fresh water fish species occurring in Tubod River (18 species) and its outlet Inawasan River (1 species) in Leyte, Philippines. It also provides some notes on the ecology of the fish species.

Keywords: fresh water fishes, Tubod River, Lake Danao, Inawasan River

Annals of Tropical Research 29(2):1-27(2007)
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