Growth, development and flower quality of poinsettia as influenced by nutrient level and plant growth regulation method

Doris Po Quita and Misael T. Diputado, Jr.


Nutrient application, in general, increased plant size and number of leaves per plant and enhanced thy matter production in plant. Low nitrogen to potassium ratio resulted to the production of shorter internodes and with more intense bract color. Plants applied with high N-K. ratio were taller, had longer internodes and bigger bracts.

Paclobutrazol application effectively reduced plant height and intemode length. Pinching, on the oilier hand, reduced plant height but did not reduce internode length. It increased number of leaves per plant. Thus, the combination of paclobutrazol application and low NA( ratio feeding regime produced plants of the best quality.

Keywords: poinsettia, nutrient level, growth regulation, flower quality, paclobutrazol, pinching

Annals of Tropical Research 24(1):(2002)
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