Growth and yield response of lettuce and tomato grown under drip and manual irrigation

Nelda R. Gonzaga1*, Sarah Lyn A. Pepito1, Renan P. Octavio1, Apolinario B. Gonzaga Jr.1 and Gordon S. Rogers2


Although there are new and innovative irrigation techniques available locally in Mindanao (Southern Philippines), growers still rely on the traditional method – manual irrigation. The study was conducted to determine the effects of irrigation method on the performance of lettuce and tomato. The study was laid out in factorial arrangement in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with different irrigation method (manual & drip) as treatments replicated three times. In tomato, drip irrigation produced larger fruits (polar & equatorial measurement), highest number of marketable fruits, and highest yield per hectare. While in lettuce, it resulted in larger crown size (polar measurement), highest marketable yield per plant and per hectare. The study suggests that drip irrigation could improve the present farming situation in Mindanao, considering its potential to sustain farming during times of climatic uncertainty. Thus, further trials are required to verify its effects before introduction throughout the region.

Keywords: AVTO 1173 genotype, drip irrigation, improve yield, manual irrigation, Romaine variety

Annals of Tropical Research 39(SUPPLEMENT B):168-173(2017)
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