Group Farming Experiences in Western Leyte, Philippines

Adeltrudis C. Tongco and Efrez Saz


This study presented the experiences of five selected farmer organizations from Western Leyte and the impact of these organizations on the farming practices and economic life of the members. The 88 respondents who constitute 50% of the members from each organization were selected randomly. Most of the members (72%) joined the farmer organizations because government extension workers recruited them. The rest joined either voluntarily or were influenced by friends. The farmers have generally favorable opinions about their organizations. Sixty-three percent believed that their membership in their organizations enabled them to increase their farm production. Many claimed that they could now easily avail technical assistance and credit. Majority (77%) of the respondents believed that their organizations had strengthened inter-agency cooperation. Many had adopted improved farming practices. The majority felt that their membership in the organization had promoted their stature in the community.

Annals of Tropical Research 1(1):(1979)
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