Genetic Variation in a Wide Gene Base Population of Sweet Potato [Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam ]

Algerico M. Mariscal and Azucena L. Carpena


Design I mating system was used to estimate the components of genetic variation of sweet potato base population. Characters studied were total root yield, weight and number of marketable roots, total number of roots, fresh weight of wines, harvest index, scab rating and dry matter content of roots. Significant additive and dominance genotypic variances ware observed in the population with high magnitude of the latter in all characters except in scab rating and dry matter content obtained suggest that the population may be improved using any available intrapopulation selection procedure like mass selection and full-sib family selection for the characters mentioned. Selected individuals or full-sib families can be intercrossed to utilize the high dominance variation in the population. Dry matter content of the roots with its very low coefficient of variability, is considered the most reliable basis for selection in this population.

Keywords: Sweet potato. Ipomoea batatas. Genetic variation. Wide gene base population. Mass selection. Full-sib family selection. Design I mating system. Root yield.

Annals of Tropical Research 10(2):(1988)
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