Genetic Variability in Clonal Populations of Java Citronella Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt

K.K.Singh and N.K. Gupta


The nature and extent of variability and heritability were estimated in clonal populations of Java citronella, Cymbdpogon winterianus Jowitt. wide range of variability was observed. Genotypic variability varied between 0.02 for oil content and 10519.17 for yield of green herb. High genotypic variability was usually associated with high genotypic coefficient of variability, indicating a high latent potential for advancement by selection. Heritability estimates were high for height (85.45), leaf area (92.56), yield of green herb (86.17) and oil yield (88.97); medium for number of leaves (42.50) and oil content (41.10); and low for number of tillers (18.55). Genetic advance varied between 0.19 for oil content end 196.13 for yield of green herb. The value of genetic advance as per cent of mean was highest for oil yield (48.03) and lowest for number of tillers (3.13). High heritability values were usually associated with high genetic advance, indicating that clonal selection could be an effective method in improving plant characters such as height, leaf area, yields of green herb and oil.

Keywords: Cymbopogon winterianus J. Genotypic variance. Pheno-typic variance. Heritability. Genetic advance. Coefficients of variability.

Annals of Tropical Research 5(1):(1983)
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